Saturday, January 2, 2010

Origins of this Blog

I originally started with a single blog covering my interests (cycling) and Carol's interests (genealogy).  This was because we both do our own thing on frequent trips through country Victoria, Australia . I go off and do my Audax riding and Carol photographs headstones at nearby cemeteries. This enables her to share the digital images with fellow family history researchers. I've decide to seperate the blogs into two so each one has its own focus

Barkly (old), Sandy Creek & Willaura added

Barkly (old), Sandy Creek & Willaura cemeteries have just beesn added to the site.

There are also updates to the Avoca and Steiglitz Cemetery lists.

The site remains at:

3 More Cemeteries - That's 240!

Well all this audax riding and trips to country Victoria means Carol has been busy photographing headstones at more cemeteries. She has just finished the very onerus task of indexing 3 more sets of photographs. Each image has to be individually named. The three cemeteries just added are Chewton, Maddingley (@ Bacchus Marsh) and Paynesville. She informs me that there was 4719 photos to label in just these three. Don't think I'll even think about how many there are altogether in the 240 she has completed to date!
 Check it out at:

Headstone Photos - Now Available from 233 Cemeteries for Free!

Carol has just added several cemeteries to her cemetery headstone website at:

Added are:
Bowmans Forest
Bullumwaal Old
Glen Wills
Granite Flat
Kialla West

Looking for someone?

So your looking for a headstone of some distant relative from up  woop woop. There's a chance my wife may have photographed it. You can obtain a copy for free by just emailing her. So take a look at her website see if the cemetery is there and see if your rellie is on the list. Generally she only photographs in the "smaller" cemeteries as it is a lot of work to individually catalogue all the photos.She has about 200 rural cemeteries covered so far though!

Her website is at: